• Christina von Bülow: alto sax
  • Fredrik Lundin: barytone sax
  • Jacob Fischer: guitar
  • Daniel Franck: bass
  • Jeppe Gram: drums

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Silhouette was founded in the spring of 2008, when Christina and Fredrik met at a party, where both of them were playing, but not together. Christina heard Fredrik practicing the beautifiul Lars Gullin tune “Silhouette”, she joined in, and the band was born! Silhouette plays music in the spirit of the late great Sweedish barytone player and composer Lars Gullin. Some of Gullins tunes, some of there own compositions, and other songs that fit into that beautiful melancholy Scandinavian mood.


  • ‘Silhouette’ (Stunt, 2011) 
Christina von Bülow