Dave Brubeck Tribute

Dave Brubeck Tribute

  • Christina von Bülow: alto sax
  • Søren Kristiansen: piano
  • Anders Christensen: bass
  • Frands Rifbjerg: drums

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In August 2010 we founded a new, exciting quartet with three concerts at the new Montmartre, Copenhagen. The project was a commissioned work from the aforementioned venue, who had asked us to make a tribute to Dave Brubeck on basis of his famous album ‘Time Out’, which contains songs such as ‘Blue Rondo a la Turk’, ‘Take Five’ and  ‘Strange Meadowlark’.

We took up the invitation with great desire and commitment and started diving into Brubecks manifold work, which holds a lot of other fine compositions from his own hand, but also alternative arrangements of jazz standards.

The concerts were a great success among both the audience and reviewers. After three nights with packed houses and two fine reviews, a great interest in hearing the music again could be sensed. The musicians themselves also had a great rediscovery, and in some cases, new acquaintances with some fantastic compositions and a style which is everything else than ready for the museum, when taken up again with the love, commitment and respect it deserves!

The orchestra and repertoire is ready and we have a feeling that there is a large audience out there, who will be happy to (re-)listen to this music.

Dave Brubeck Tribute – Take Five (live at Lyngby Jazzclub, recorded on Iphone)

Christina von Bülow