Bülow/Danielsson/Zigmund Trio  – Out Lee (from the album ‘On the Brink of a Lovely Song’)

Bülow/Danielsson/Zigmund Trio (feat. Pelle von Bülow) – Out Lee

Christina von Bülow Trio – I’ll never stop loving you (from the album ‘Solitude’)

I’ll never stop loving you

Bülow/Besiakov Quartet – You’re my everything (from the album ‘A Primera Vez’)

You’re my everything

Bülow/Besiakov Quartet – S’Wonderful (from the album ’Heartaches’)


Monday Night Bigband – The nearness of you (from the album ‘Live at Paradise’)

The nearness of you

Vanja Santos Group – Wave (from the album ‘Virtual’)


Christina von Bülow